Reborn baby (Azalea)

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Azalea sculpted by Laura Lee eagles, comes with certificate of authenticity.

21 inches in length.  Skin many layers Genesis heat set paint.  Can be boy or girl.   Hair and eyelashes rooted with palest blonde Delta Dawn Mohair.

soft doe body with full length vinyl limbs. Magnetic pacifier.

comes with good box opening and birth certificate

Product type: Reborn Baby Dolls
Eye color: Other
Eye closed: Eyes Closed
Hair color: Blonde
Hair type: Rooted
Gender: Either
Size: Newborn
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Sculptor: Laura Lee eagles
Condition: New
Year Made: 2000-Present
Artist Brand: Azalea by Laura Lee eagles
Material: Vinyl
Scale: 21 inch
Quantity: 1
Tags:Newborn azalea
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Belgium $65
Bulgaria $65
Canada $95
Croatia $65
Cyprus $100
Denmark $65
France $65
Germany $65
Gibraltar $65
Greece $65
Ireland $65
Italy $65
Mexico $95
Netherlands $65
Poland $65
Romania $65
Saudi Arabia $100
Sweden $65
Switzerland $65
Turkey $100
United Arab Emirates $100
United Kingdom $65
United States $95

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