Reborn baby SHERRY

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Sherry by sculptor Natalie Blick, comes with certificate of authenticity.

skin many layers Genesis heat set paint.  Hair and eyelashes rooted with palest blonde Delta Dawn Mohair.  Eyes blue/brown glass.  Magnetic pacifier.  Soft doe body with full length vinyl limbs.

can be boy or girl

comes with good box opening 

Product type:
Condition: New
Year Made: 2000-Present
Artist Brand: Sherry by Natalie blick
Material: Vinyl
Scale: 23 inch
Quantity: 1
Tags:Natalie blick Sherry
Country Shipping Cost
Austria $40
Belgium $40
Bulgaria $40
Canada $65
Croatia $40
Cyprus $90
Denmark $40
France $40
Germany $40
Gibraltar $40
Greece $40
Ireland $40
Italy $40
Mexico $65
Netherlands $40
Poland $40
Romania $40
Saudi Arabia $90
Sweden $40
Switzerland $40
Turkey $90
United Arab Emirates $90
United Kingdom $40
United States $65

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